IT Works 365
Key Differentiators

There are hundreds of IT Companies, but these are the very important key differentiators that separate IT Works 365 from the rest.

All the way from the CEO, COO, CTO & our executives, on down to our IT Experts, we all have a personal commitment to helping our clients’ businesses cut costs.

We don’t nickel and dime you. There are NO HIDDEN FEES.

We conduct business with integrity, generosity and develop trust with our clients. We don’t try to sell you anything.

We know our clients personally, we speak regularly and we learn everything we can about the actual business, so that we can identify how to eliminate what is not necessary and add what is essential. Our experienced IT Solutions Architects & the Vice President of Marketing analyze your business, develop a “Business Impact Analysis” and a Strategic Marketing Plan, which tell you what you could do to cut costs (save capital) and generate more revenue annually, before anything is implemented. Our clients are not just another number in the database accruing monthly installments; but rather, our clients are our life-long business partners.

A foundation of trust is how we have developed such strong business relationships over time and have retained almost 98% of our clients over the life of the company.

Our customers do not talk to a call center in another country when they call. WE ARE 100% U.S.A.

As a client of IT Works 365, you have 24/7 access to our IT operations center located in Dallas, TX. We provide you with a designated IT expert technician that is your point of contact each and every time that you call. That technician also has a designated team to assist with additional work and/or to take care of any issues if the technician is off-site. Also, because we value communication so much,  we also provide you with the email and phone number(s) of our Cloud Solutions Architects, the VP of Services, the VP of Marketing and Business Development, the CTO, the COO, CFO and the CEO of the company. You actually have our cell phone numbers and we eagerly provide them for you. Here at IT Works we want you to feel secure knowing that you will ALWAYS be able to reach us and ALWAYS receive the best customer service.

We are NOT your average IT Company.

We are a Cloud Solutions Provider and an Online Marketing Firm that excels on saving you capital and making you revenue.

We go above and beyond what the normal paradigm of IT companies are supposed to be, because we are revolutionaries in an industry that has no boundaries. Our business model is unlike any other IT company or Online Marketing company because we do both and do it very well.

There are 4 important factors that our Cloud Solutions Architect and our VP of Marketing determine when conducting the analyses for our clients in the early stages of the campaign.

  • Is the business process cost effective, does it save time, can it be implemented immediately with no dead time or does it need to be migrated over time to an existing infrastructure, does it save capital and can it generate an increase in revenue?
  • Productivity. Is the implementation of such an infrastructure productive, efficient and essential to the cost cutting and money generating strategy that we have drawn up?
  • Is the user experience easy for the employees and does it deliver immediate results in time efficiency, growth, confidence and the ability to innovate?
  • ROI and Revenue. Does this strategy guarantee an immediate return on investment and can this strategy increase annual revenue with lower overall expenses?

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Our IT Services Include the Following:

  • Cloud Backup Management Services
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Data Storage Services
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Help Desk Support
  • Network Management Services
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Microsoft Office 365 Support
  • Cloud Migration Services