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Can your business keep working regardless of what the world throws at it? IT Works offers backup & disaster recovery services as we have the widest business continuity network of any US based provider, with 2 secure and privately owned, state-of-the-art centers that are equipped with the latest and greatest technology. As an acknowledged leader and award-winning provider of business continuity and disaster recovery services in Dallas, we can help you create a more resilient business. Our flexible remote working solutions enable your staff to work from virtually any location, uninterrupted. While the competition is trying to find their way in the dark, we make sure that you are flying pass them with flying colors.

We have state of the art back-up and disaster recovery solutions in place. Our data centers are set up to consistently update and refresh every 15 seconds. That means that if your internal infrastructure were to go down for the slightest amount of time, we can deliver back-up and recovery of all data within 15 seconds of the last update. You never have to worry about losing data or having anything crash ever again.

IT Works has developed preventative measures and a strategic process of implementation so that our clients are all prepared in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.

  • IT Works 365 has secure state of the art cloud centers where all of our clients’ data is stored.
  • IT Works 365 employs its own proprietary hardware within our secure cloud centers.
  • IT Works 365 identifies the risks of potential threats and/or disasters before they occur.
  • IT Works 365 develops an actual plan of attack that will help eliminate the possible threats and expose any flaws in the system(s).
  • IT Works 365 backs up all data that is stored inside of our secure data centers.
  • In the event of a catastrophe, IT Works 365 can guarantee restoration of all data back to its original state before the disaster within a 15 minute window before the disaster. (This means that if the disaster occurred at 12:00pm, we can restore your systems back to their original state with all data being up to date within the time frame of 11:45am – 12:00pm when the disaster occurred.)
  • You will know our final assessment, our strategic plan, our implementation strategy and all of the costs before we begin work. This way you can identify your needs, expenses and potential limitations before you hire us.
  • We actually act as a business partner that is on-call 24/7 365, more than we do an IT company. 

Call us for a FREE vulnerability and backup assessment and we will help your company be prepared and secure so there is never any lost data or information.

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