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Virtualization can single handedly save your business time and money by effectively reducing costs, while simultaneously increasing efficiency, productivity and quickness. Virtualization products and services can help save your company from having to pay exuberant amounts of power and maintenance expenses, while increasing the company’s efficiency and boosting the company’s back-up and security. So allow us to explain how IT Works 365 utilizes Virtualization to help our customers.


Virtualization is an established software technology that makes it possible to run multiple systems and applications on the same server simultaneously. Virtualization is literally altering the IT Industry and shifting the way people and businesses utilize technology.

There can also be tremendous cost savings in facility overhead. Employees can work from the comfort of their home, office or on the road, which means no downtime because work can be performed anywhere. Perhaps most importantly, money can be saved by reducing the cost of expensive computers and office equipment. No more racks of hardware and expensive software that needs consistent updating.

Server Virtualization services from IT Works 365 are a component of the general virtualization movement within the IT enterprise, which encompasses network virtualization services, desktop virtualization services, cloud computing and more. You may also encounter the term “autonomic computing” when learning about server virtualization services or desktop virtualization services.

IT Works 365 technician experts spend each and every day working with the latest virtualization technology. Be assured that our technicians are not just knowledgeable, but we have proven experts that are trained, certified and ready to answer any questions you may have. Here are a few of the most favored companies that we work with on a daily basis.


IT Works 365 works directly with VMware, which happens to be one of the first generation and most well known virtualization companies on the market today. They are specifically known for their reliability and performance. VMware is the lead player in data center virtualization and IT Works 365 technicians are experts and partners with VMware.IT Works 365 can implement any hypervisor that VMware has to offer, but the most favored by our clients is the ESXi.

VMware products can adhere to some of the most incredible workloads in the world. VMware also offers a vCloud Suite, which comes in 3 different versions, Standard, Advanced and Enterprise with each of them coming with different products and features. The vCloud Suite is also compatible with other hypervisors including Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Linux’ KVM, etc.; however, as mentioned already, the VMware ESXi is the most preferred hypervisor.


Hyper-V is a product by Microsoft. Microsoft’s System Center incorporates numerous products all in one and it includes, a Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager, Endpoint protection and Operations Manager.

Microsoft’s private cloud is also compatible with third party hypervisors, such as VMware and Citrix; however it is not compatible with KVM. It is also not compatible with a number of third party network providers, including Cisco, which may limit some companies that already have a network provider not on the compatibility list.

OpenStack Private Cloud

OpenStack is one of the most favored open source cloud operating systems on the market. However, OpenStack does not have its own hypervisor. It is however compatible with VMware’s ESXi, Microsoft’s Hyper-V, Citrix’ Xen and the most popular combination, Linux’ KVM (because KVM is also open source).

Here at IT Works, we find that a lot of our customers like open source technology once they learn how to utilize it. Due to OpenStack being open source, there will definitely be some in-house training required; however, we are fully prepared and capable to train your entire staff. The initial cost of the software needed is absolutely free, so the only additional cost would be for the training. It is a trade off that we have seen hundreds of our customers choose and we would be delighted to help you and your company in the same transition.

Citrix Xen

Citrix is another one of the many virtualization solutions that we work with on a regular basis. The XenServer provides top of the line application and desktop virtualization and an integrated virtualization platform for their applications and desktops.

The Xen hypervisor is the center of the XenServer and can act as a public or private cloud hypervisor. The Xen server is compatible with a variety of cloud management products. The XenServer is available for free to all users because it is an open source project as well. Citrix does sell the verified version that comes with management, 24X7 support and some additional extra’s.

Our experts here at IT Works 365 will be more than happy to train your entire staff or just a few of the core personnel so that you too can become experts on your new virtualization hardware and the software as well.

However, if this all sounds a little to technical for you, but you know that you are in need of virtualization, we will happily do the work for you and manage the machines so that you can stick to running your business and leave the tech stuff to us.

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