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Our Mission

Sanapptx Staffing Solutions finds it imperative to provide the best quality and utmost excellence in everything that it provides to its clients. The Staffing Solutions Team is highly skilled and passionate about finding top talent for its customers, as well as finding candidates the best suited placement in their next career move.

What We Offer

SanAppTx Placement Solutions is Dallas’ premier IT Staffing Solution that specializes in the recruiting and contract consulting services of Information Technology’s top talent. We partner with companies who are looking to fill their IT positions with highly qualified candidates and help candidates find the next step in their career. Our goal is to find the best match every time. Let us help fulfill your vision by facilitating and expediting your business needs with our expertise in IT staffing strategy. We will send ONLY QUALIFIED resumes to review at no charge, set up any and all interviews and provide activity updates to make the process that much easier on you. You will only be charged a fee if you make a decision to hire! Our fee is 15 – 18% depending upon the level of the position. Once hired, we personally guarantee the candidacy for up to 90 days after the hire’s placement has been initiated. If a client is not satisfied with the hire, we will find a new candidate for no additional fee.

How We Set Ourselves Apart

  • Standards of quality and commitment to excellence.
  • Completing our missions in a timely fashion and in an effective, efficient manner.
  •  Commitment to integrity, intelligence and determination.
  • Setting realistic expectations with clients.
  • Understanding the concerns and challenges of employee acquisition and retention and the financial metrics that matter to executives.
  • Proven record of solving client business problems by innovative approaches and strategic thinking in all areas of business.
  • Selective, in-depth screening and qualifying process.
  • Committed to providing only the top 10% of talent to our clients.


Meet Sarah Dittrich

Sarah_profile_picSarah Dittrich is a well-renowned leader of IT Staffing Solutions in the DFW area. She has single handedly places employees from backgrounds ranging from Network & Systems Engineers, IT Cyber Security, Junior to Senior Developers (.Net, Java/Scala, Big Data, PHP, Mobile, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/Angular), Architects (Enterprise and Solutions), PM/BA/QA, Directors (from various IT backgrounds), Vice Presidents and Executive level talent for companies primarily in Dallas, as well as Nationwide. She has built up a significant network of a variety of candidates in different markets across the DFW area who are passively looking to make a move. She navigates through her network and beyond to find the perfect candidate for positions that need to be filled. She takes pride in not just finding a person to fill a role, but by finding candidates who are a value and an asset to her clients by delivering top tier talent, while remaining within the boundaries of the desired salary. Sarah brings her best to every single talent acquisition. She strives for excellence in everything that she does and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to find the perfect fit for your company’s position. If you are looking for a candidate in the IT Industry, call Sarah Dittrich directly at (940) 600-7229. She will talk to you about your current need to make sure she understands what technical background you are desiring this candidate to have. She will ask questions that give her the insight into the culture so she can find the right fit, as well as make sure that she has insight into the environment that will attract passive talent and walk you through the process to deliver your next employee that will be a valuable difference maker at your company.

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Case Studies

Director of Engineering

QUOTE: “Over the last 28 years I have been involved with many staffing and recruiting agencies and their leaders. I have come across the talents of Sarah Dittrich. Sarah’s capacity and aptitude are positively stellar. If I were constructing my Entrepreneur Staffing and Recruiting Agency Sarah would be one of my first calls. Sarah has the composure, confidence, and balance to quickly win the trust of her clients and candidates. Sarah is a exquisite listener and she surely counsels with both compassion and credibility, and can be as strong as necessary in order to make sure her client/candidate match is perfect. Sarah understands what makes a culture strong and how that is tied to financial success, and has consistently demonstrated her ability to build people a culture in a way that creates measurable value.

Sarah is exciting, engaging, and helps people see and reach for their potential. She surely is a one in a million. Great visions in a wide array of markets. She is superb and brilliant when it comes to that special examination between candidate and her clientele. Therefore; I am taking the time to very highly recommend Sarah. If you want your organization to prosper financially and productively from Sarah’s fresh, new and exciting staffing/recruiting style and business development strategies bring Sarah Dittrich onto your team, she will lead your organization to the top.”

Systems Engineer

QUOTE: “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah on two separate occasions. Sarah is not like other recruiters. I’ve never gotten the sense from Sarah that she’s just trying to meet a numbers goal. Sarah really listens to you and takes the time to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. She truly has your best interests at heart and wants to find the perfect position for you. Beyond that, Sarah is an extremely nice person and I’m glad to have known and worked with her.”