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Today there is more of a need for an IT Help Desk in Dallas and around United States than ever before. We have clients calling our help desk and submitting ticket requests for help every day regarding issues with their desktops, laptops, printers and mobile devices. Not only do we manage your desktops, but we also manage the end users and their devices by delivering comprehensive and secure solutions adaptable to your existing infrastructure and budget. We have a wide-range of IT Experts ready to assist you and your employees with help desk manager responsibilities, including local IT support, Cisco support, hardware/software support, ISP support, hosting support, applications support, technical support, and much more in Dallas and around United States. Anything IT related, your company has a direct line to the experts here at IT Works 365 that can help.

We provide help desk support to over 150 businesses and have created a multi-tiered support system, which enables us to have personnel with extensive technical knowledge and experts in technology on hand at all times ready to help your business troubleshoot and fix whatever issue you may be experiencing. We can keep an eye on all aspects of your end-user needs, so that you don’t have to. It is difficult enough to run a business or direct an entire division of a company without having to worry about IT related questions or support. Not to mention how costly it can be to have someone in-house managing it for every employee.

We have a state of the art ticketing system, which allows our clients to either call in to our 24/7 Help Desk or submit a ticket request through our customer interface and it will be resolved by the appropriate expert technician.

Our Help Desk

Our Help Desk:

  •  Improves our client’s operational efficiencies by reducing the time spent rediscovering previous incidents or problems. We have everything recorded and notated in our internal CRM and task management system. (Knowledge Management)
  • Has a system that gathers information during incident management to help stop problems from occurring. This system identifies the root cause of frequent occurring incidents by capturing information in a knowledge base. The key is capturing the “root” problem as quickly as possible, which eliminates other issues from occurring. (Problem Management)
  • Acts as “The Keepers” of the user accounts. We have all of the usernames and passwords and can reset and create new users and passwords any time. Single ownership by our Help Desk ensures quicker response time for end users with usernames or password problems. We provide immediate response with resets or new users. (Access Management)

Our Help Desk support is the foundation of all of our packages and is available 24/7 to every single client. Give us a call and we can provide you with pricing and answer any questions you may have. Our Help Desk is always available.

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