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Is Your Business Prepared For BYOD? You Need Mobile Device Management from IT Works!

IT Works 365 and a thousand of other businesses in Dallas and around the world have deployed a new strategy called BYOD; Bring Your Own Device. This allows current employees to bring and use their own devices for company use so that productivity is never an issue, work can be conducted 24/7 from any location at any time and also lowers the overhead expenditures of having company devices for every employee.

There are many more positive attributes than there are challenges; however, there are some challenges that need to be addressed when implementing a strategy such as this. Some of the challenges are:

  • The need to keep proprietary emails secure on a device that is not managed on a secure network.
  • The need to keep proprietary documentation & data secure on a device that is not on a secure network.
  • What happens if a disgruntled employees that leave the company with proprietary information on their mobile phone or device?
  • What happens if an employees device gets a virus and proprietary information is lost, stolen or hacked?

IT Works 365 can provide solutions for every one of these challenges and describe how we will manage each and every device so that productivity is high and security risks are non-existent. It is our goal that every employee can focus on the betterment of the company and not spend too much time staring at their mobile phones.

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IT Works 365 Mobile Device Management Features:

  • Immediate configuration of email access, WiFi Settings and VPN settings.
  • Consistently enforced security and compliance checks with all devices used by any employee.
  • Implementation of anti-virus, spam protection and encryption on all devices used by employees.
  • We can restrict certain aspects of the devices’ functionality when displaying company information.
  • Device Location Tracking.
  • We have the ability to lock and/or clear the device(s) of any and all information.
  • We can identify and isolate any company proprietary information and/or personal information on the device.
  • We can block any malicious URLs from being viewed on the device(s). The sites that are blocked are known to release malware and viruses on devices.
  • We have the ability to restrict cookies, file downloads, copying, pasting and printing from any device(s).

IT Works 365 Mobile Device Management can be utilized for company owned devices and for employee BYOD devices.