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Network Management

Network Management

IT Works 365 manages its client’s entire network and infrastructure. We provide free on-site assessments and network management in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as managing networks for our clients virtually all over the USA. We provide implementation, consulting and support for LANs (local-area networks), WANs (wide-area networks), CANs (campus-area networks), MANs (metropolitan-area networks) and HANs (home-area networks). We verify and make sure that any of our client’s computer systems that are linked together creating a network are maintained with the best possible security and firewall protection. We provide potential clients with a free analysis in order to determine exactly what benefits will derive from our services. Understanding where your business is in the security life-cycle allows us to prepare a solution to ensure your network is secure.

In addition to antivirus, spam, and firewall management, Network Management clients receive regular security audits/assessments to identify any vulnerabilities in your IT network before they are compromised.

Early intervention allows you to be proactive in addressing network computer systems security. With continued rise of network compromises and data breaches, IT security is now more important than ever.

IT Works 365 also provides 24/7 support in order to maintain any systems. For example, if a system goes down for any reason, our expert IT architects and technicians are always available and can be reached every single day of the year; day or night. That’s not just some kind of slogan either. We literally always have multiple technicians on call 24/7 to help with any support or maintenance issues. We know that each one of our clients are unique and have different demands. We proactively meet those demands by having a 24/7 support team on call all the time. Some of our clients are in industries that have a high demand during the late night hours and some of our clients are on different continents and are in different time zones. We understand that successful businesses never sleep; therefore, IT Works 365 can deliver management, maintenance and support whenever our clients need us.

Network Management

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