IT Product Supply

Product Supply

When you’re focusing on strategic activities, getting the right equipment at the best price can be a time-consuming challenge. We relieve that pressure by delivering best-of-breed technology, smart-sourced and priced in line with your precise business requirements, along with access to expert services for value-added design, deployment, management, and optimization.

We deliver best-fit IT product supply solutions along with proven implementation skills for everything from day-to-day IT through high-end server, storage, networking, and data centers to complete infrastructure. Because we are end-to-end providers, and are already approved for government projects, we can also deliver fast and reliably.

Choose from hundreds of software titles and business application suites, including core business software like Microsoft Office, Visio, SharePoint, and Project, plus a whole lot more such as free business tools like Evernote, Skype, and Yammer and the list goes on.

Realize you need more applications down the road? No problem. CoreStore application licensing and deployment is on-demand. We offer a pay-as-you-go program so you can get paid apps like Microsoft office or Visio on your Cloud Desktop, only when you need them.

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