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As companies continue to seek scalability, flexibility, and efficiency in their technology stack, cloud platforms are a fantastic solution. For many organizations, the strategy for information technology is to adopt cloud-based services first, in order to eliminate the racks and racks of hardware; however, security is something of an after thought due to the misrepresentation of security by some cloud providers. While in some cases a cloud service may be more secure than a similar service hosted internally, this is not an assumption that should be taken for granted because that is not the case 100% of the time.

It is absolutely critical for information security professionals to understand everything that entails moving your business to the cloud and the various security risks associated with this move. Additionally, we have developed strategies that empower your business’ consumption of critical cloud services, while adopting the necessary security measures that we offer all of our clients in the cloud.





Businesses are experiencing data breaches more than ever before. The risk of experiencing a data breach is higher than ever with almost half of organizations in all industries suffering at least one security incident in the last 12 months. To address this, 48 percent of organizations increased investments in security technologies. As shown above, 73 percent acknowledged the likelihood of a breach and therefore, are developing a data breach response plan.

We are offering our free cloud security data breach assessment to detect any vulnerabilities. We are also offering our cloud security consulting, which will develop a cyber data breach response plan for your business. However, can confidently confirm that our cloud security is going to prevent any data breaches that the world has to throw at your business. Our 256 bit encryption is impenetrable. We are your safeguard against losing valuable capital.

Multi-Site Cloud Management

The Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking architecture enables plug and play branch deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across any number of distributed locations.

MX security appliances self-provision – automatically pulling policies and configuration from the cloud – enabling branch deployments without on-site IT. The Meraki cloud delivers seamless firmware and security signature updates, automatically establishes site-to-site VPN tunnels, and provides automatic network monitoring and alerts.

Since the MX is managed entirely through the Cisco Meraki web-based dashboard, configuration and diagnostics can be performed remotely just as easily as they can be performed on-site, eliminating costly field visits. Even firmware updates are performed seamlessly, over the web.




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