Security as
a Service


Our Security-as-a-service (or SECaaS) involves integrating various security applications into a company’s systems. We make sure that your company’s systems will have perfect integration capabilities for whichever application will do the best job. Our full penetration and security assessment will identify any vulnerabilities and weaknesses, in order to determine the necessary steps to getting your company 100% secure. We will walk you through every step of the way, so that you are confident in our plan of action and understand exactly what applications we integrate and understand exactly how secure your new system(s) and network(s) really are.

ITWorks365 offers integrated security products from the following trusted companies:


AppRiver provides messaging security in the cloud. This firm offers SaaS-based subscription e-mail and Web security tools that include spam and virus protection, e-mail encryption, and Web security.


Proper security and data loss prevention (DLP) in the cloud is no simple matter, but Awareness Technologies has had ample success with its SaaS-based DLP model.


Web Security Flex is a cloud-based offering that delivers malware protection, URL filtering, and application control to networked, remote, and mobile users via SaaS, gateways, and agents.


Symantec has been a proponent of the cloud with its suite of security offerings. The Symantec cloud security approach is to offer security for, in, and from the cloud.


Qualys arms cloud providers with its next-generation security-as-a-service platform that puts a cloud spin on the defense built into its security solutions.

Device lock

InterGuard employee monitoring software is a complete internal threat solution downloaded to the endpoint.