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IT Services & Support for Small Businesses

“We are the experts when it comes to small business IT support in Dallas, TX.”

If you run a small business, and you depend on your computers to be up and running consistently for you and your employees, then we can help you implement and manage a successful and cost effective infrastructure and network. Our small business network management program will keep your machines running, your data secure, and your business running smoothly with worry free IT.


Some small business owners may think that there is no need for data back-up, virtualization, cloud computing or even manged IT services. However, the truth is, it is difficult to maintain a competitive edge that is necessary in today’s day and age due to the outbreak of constant technological upgrades. The competition is always going to try and stay a step ahead, but they are unable to do so if you take the first step by updating your technology and securing your systems.

One of the best ways to begin implementing affordable technological advances for your business is virtualization. The idea behind virtualization is that your desktop applications and files are all stored virtually, instead of directly on the computer. This prevents data loss and related problems associated with the crashing and failure of computers.

One way you can limit downtime is to back up all of your systems. However, it may not always be the safest option to set up your own backup system. By letting our Expert IT Technicians set up and manage your infrastructure, we can protect your business from a loss of data and productivity due to computer failure. Setting up a cloud storage and backup solution with IT Works 365 is extremely easy and affordable. All it takes is a phone call and we will provide your business with a 100% FREE (no strings attached) analysis to determine the most efficient and cost effective strategic solution for your business. We want you to be miles ahead of the competition.